Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Truth About Teaching.

So I've survived Autumn 1...
and here I am, living to tell the tale.
For those who have been following my journey since my PGCE training year,
here's my update. 

Let's start with the truth. The PGCE training year does nothing to prepare you for what lies ahead. Now don't get me wrong, it is still pretty intense to say the least...but no one really tells you about the harsh reality of having your own class. Budding teachers to be all understand the crazy workload that is non-negotiable with the world of teaching, times that by 3 and welcome to Autumn 1 of your NQT year. 

I absolutely loved my training year, it is the year I realised I had found where I was meant to be & found something I really loved doing. I fell in love with teaching & that passion and fire was my driving force in all the hurdles & pressures I had to face as a trainee teacher. I only had 1 breakdown the entire year, and that in itself is an achievement. I was at my happiest and everyone around me could see it. I received so many supportive messages throughout the year telling me how I would make an amazing teacher, how people wished they had a teacher like me & how excited people were to see my real journey start in September. I had the sweetest message, which was such a lovely surprise to hear that I had inspired someone who was about to under-go their training year.

Well, September started & I guess I disappeared? The truth is I haven't been able to maintain a social life as well as I maintained it during my PGCE year. I haven't been able to get enough sleep. I wake up at 5am most days, 6am latest and arrive home at 6:30pm. I work through my lunch & I am constantly stressing to meet deadlines. My OCD is going insane because my classroom isn't the pinterest perfect image I pictured in my head. There were moments where I questioned whether this was really the career for me. That is the harsh reality. You will work day & night & even your weekends, you'll probably have to work through your holidays too. 

Nothing can prepare you, I guess it's learning as you go. All these little school routines and ways of doing things being thrown at you all at once can be a little overwhelming. Keeping up with marking and ensuring all the children in your class learning needs are met and L.I's are achieved is a whole other genre I don't think I have the emotional mental strength to type up. 

My phase leader told me & I should have believed her, Autumn 1 is just about surviving... well I guess I survived then? The first term back is notoriously known as the hardest term, the children have come back after a long summer & they need to settle back into a routine. Some children haven't held a pencil in 6 weeks, their attention span has shortened, they have all these new changes, new classroom, new teacher, new year. Maybe us teachers are guilty of setting up high expectations that can never be met in the first term? 

Things aren't meant to go perfectly at first, hell, they won't ever go according to plan or ever be perfect. Teacher's are the worst people to admit & accept that they can't do everything. You almost carry around this guilt? That you aren't doing enough, you aren't enough. There I am wishing the school was open for longer and open on Saturdays? Crazy. I physically could not devote any more time, I have already given all my time. 

Luckily, I am surrounded by amazing colleagues & a school that ensures their staff know they are doing an amazing job. Who encourage you to focus on the things you are doing well, rather than dwell on the things you aren't. The truth is you are doing an amazing job, most importantly... your children are making progress and they are happy.

That's it. That is the truth about teaching. If your children are happy and they are making progress, you are doing it right. Everything else will fall into place, your teaching practice will never be 'done', you will always be a working progress. The beauty of this all? The children don't care that the colouring pencils aren't colour co-ordinated or things aren't how you envisioned them, heavens they probably don't even notice. The only thing they notice is you and how you make them laugh, make them feel safe, make them feel loved, make learning fun & make school a place they want to be. They care about you and if Miss is ok, children pick up on everything. They adore you & they remind you everyday that you are more than good enough, you are great, you are their teacher & the apple of their eye. 

The truth about teaching is simple. It is about your children, your class. As long as learning is taking place and laughter echoes through the halls, you are doing it right. Don't ever lose sight amongst the madness we call teaching, because that is exactly what you are doing, teaching. Teaching your children to believe in themselves, to never give up, to be compassionate, kind, caring, loving and understanding. Teaching them that they will always be good enough & they can achieve anything; in return... they will teach you this right back. 

Lots of love,



  1. heartwarming sau, you truly do have a talent for written expression

    1. Aww, thank you so much! & thank you for reading :) x

  2. You've come a long way wei, this is the first time I went through your blog and I couldn't be more proud honestly. We've been in and out of contact over the years, wouldn't be surprised if you forgot me but damn, you inspired me quite abit thrre. Pretty amazing to see my childhood crush become the person she is today.


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