Saturday, 3 March 2018

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2018.

I didn't want to just blog about negativity or my career... and I've done both, oops.
So the brighten things up a little, here are 5 things I'm looking forward to this year!

1. Korea, Seoul

I have always been very spontaneous, if it's something I want to do; I will do it. 
I had been vaguely talking about going to Korea with my cousin, but it was merely just a passing comment. I met up with her a few months later and well... we booked it that night. The flights were booked, the hotels were booked, another flight was booked to an Island during our 13 day stay. The time has flown by and in 28 days (according to my calendar countdown, yes I have to have one for every single event in my life), I will be in Seoul, Korea! 

I am most excited about the food. KOREAN STREET FOOD IS NO JOKE. I've made a long, extensive list of all the things I want to try. I am particularly looking forward to finally trying Korean BBQ (I refused to try it in London, I wanted to try it in Korea first, extra af). 

After a years of being obsessed with Big Bang, Winner & TROSM, I learned quite a bit about the people & the culture and it most definitely somewhere I would love to teach in the near future. I cannot wait to go to the famous Spa's and experience the 24hour shopping there. I've already downloaded and checked out the McDonalds menu, so you're gurl is ready. For those who have been asking; my Snapchat has been private for a few months now, but I will be sure to post on my public instagram account - @sauweichac). I will try my best to vlog - I haven't in 4 years so please bare with me! 

2. Majorca 

Another spontaneous trip, Lauren says 'I want to go on holiday Sau' and there I am, ready with my bank card. I can't wait to feel the sun on my body & come back with my skin looking all sorts of glow. Summer body been pending for 6 years, but you know. Life.

3. Long Summer Nights

This extended winter needs to hurry up and end, our sis summer needs to make sure she comes correct too. I purchased my car in December, so I haven't had the chance to bask in all its glory. Soon come long summer nights with the roof down. Summer also means all the fun stuff is happening at school! Sports day, the talent show, and it is generally more relaxed - which gives room to plan more 'fun and practical' lessons. Let's not forget the summer holidaysssss! I will probably still be tutoring during the summer, but it means I have a lot more time to do so. I'll actually have a social life, get time to book those doctor appointments I've been 'meaning to get around to' for the past 6 months & well, no sound of the alarms for 6 weeks. 

4. Wedding Bells


My bestfriend, who I have known from the age of 3; is finally getting married! Inshallah
I had originally planned to teach abroad in Dubai as of September, but the date for the wedding was confirmed & there was no way I was missing my dearest friend's wedding. Gurl had me waiting long enough, I thought I would have attended at least 4 weddings by now. My Bengali friends better fix up, I need to become an Aunt soon. 

Aside from the fact that her Mum will probably be consoling me whilst I cry, I am just so happy to know she is marrying a good man (cheese). Honestly though, that's all we can hope for the people we love right? May Allah bless your marriage sis, your boo will be pretending she know's how to make a dua when the time comes. I'm also really excited to go wedding shopping! I'll be wearing a saree, so get your marriage cv's ready - I will reply back in 3-5 working days.

5. I can't think of a 5th one, but 4 seemed like an odd number.

Lots of love,

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