This blog is just my own little creative space to share my interest, advice, experiences and opinions on pretty much anything/everything. I hope you guys enjoy the content I put out, I would love your opinions and suggestions on things you would like to see on this blog, thank you for reading my lovelies! 

C O M M O N L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

How do you pronounce your name?  I have a lot of different ways people pronounce my name, but I prefer my name to be pronounced 'Sau-wee'. 

❥ How old are you? twenty2

❥ What ethnicity are you? Vietnamese (1/8 Chinese, but is there any point counting that?) 

❥ Where are you from? East London

❥ Where do you work? I am a year 3 teacher in an East London primary school


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